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Innovation and R&D are for Power Engineering a key factor in Product & Services development. Years of experience of our team elements teached us that the best improvement always passes through innovation. While is not true the viceversa: not necessarily all innovation products are the best products as the experence and the maturity of the design plays a crucial role in the marketing success. The four most significant factors of innovation success identified in our analysis are:
- Understanding each technology in terms of its quantified contribution to corporate goals,
- Using external sources of business intelligence in a structured way,
- Reacting to changes in targeted segments by reviewing the product/service portfolio,
- Mobilizing the whole organization to develop new ideas.
Combining these three impacts allows companies to regularly re-align and reprioritise their technology investment portfolio to support corporate goals and reduces the potential for waste in technology development. Our Products and services are the result of the 4 key points above. Technology is used strictly to improve the customer satisfaction and reduce the time to market, that in turns is one of the company goals; external resources are always targeted to the result; changes are used as an engine to reinvent the products everytime; all memebers of our organization are focused in developing new ideas. This last point played a key role in the development of SmartCITY products and Services.


Power Engineering products for SmartCITY are designed to meet the customer needs covering market segments where today product offer in term of commercial devices is not enough. With this goal in mind Power Engineering designed his products range. All products are certified aganst the laws and directives of the destination countries. 


    PowerBOX general description.

    PowerBOX is a stand alone inverter conveived for off-grid application. The inverter is able to operate with any well sized PV-Field (even if other renewable sources are in principle possible). This is a monolithic inverter. All components inside were designed and trimmed to work together with minimum user efforts. While there are plenty of hardware and complete devices such as charge-controllers, inverters for grid-connected applications, supervisors, and so on, all the component selection and delicate trimming of settings is left to the end user. The result is that while for the grid-connected inverters nowadays we can experence a power efficiency that is well above the minimum requirements, in stand alone inverters solutions this still has to be done. The market is fragmented in many devices operating mostly correctly but the integration of the parts is tricky and quite critical. PowerBOX integrate partes selected by our company to operate with the best efficiencly and reliability, above all the parts are calibrated and trimmed to work with each other with minimum user setting. PowerBOX operates with a battery bank to ensure the power supply even during the night. The battery bank and PV-Field suggested are dimensioned to obtain the best performance from each inveter size. Those inverters were designed for home and small company appliances in situations where the supply of electrical energy is tricky and unreliable while the sun energy is widely available. This makes those inveters ideal for north-Africa, middle-East and low Mediterranum countries where energy supply is an issue and sun power is available most of the time. Each size of those inverters covers a specific need. Power Engineering tried to accomodate the user installed power fitting the corresponding inverter, making easy and fast the selection of the right solution. An easy integration with SmartPLC architecture allow the device to dinamically select the loads to maximize the battery duration and optimize the sun power during low irradiance periods. SmartPLC architecture , in facts, is able to switch the user loads with the right priority preserving the supply of electrical energy only to the loads critical for the end user. 



    IKARON general description.

    IKARON is a fixed-bed downdraft gasifier conceived for renewable energy production coming from the Pyrolisis of wooden biomasses.  Gasification is a process that converts organic or fossil based carbonaceous materials into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This is achieved by reacting the material at high temperatures (>700 °C), without combustion, with a controlled amount of oxygen and/or steam. The resulting gas mixture is called syngas (from synthesis gas or synthetic gas) or producer gas and is itself a fuel. The power derived from gasification and combustion of the resultant gas is considered to be a source of renewable energy if the gasified compounds were obtained from biomass. IKARON points of force are: simple construction with very little maintenence needs, high process efficiency thanks to a propertary burner geometry, automatic control with remote management via SmartPLC, good syngas quality that allowing engine longlife.


  • PowerBOX mini
  • PowerBOX Pro
  • PowerBOX XL
  • PowerBOX 20

PowerBOX miniPowerBOX-mini is the smallest size of this stand alone inverter. Is designed for basic home appliance with a total capacity of 30kWh/day. It requires 30 to 40 PV modules based on crystalline cells with poly or mono technology. The battery bank is made of 26 elements. This inverter is able to warranty the supply of a 1,2kW load for up to 24hrs

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PowerBOX miniPowerBOX-Pro is the medium size of this stand alone inverter. Is designed for basic home appliance having higher electrical power needs with a total capacity of 60kWh/day. It requires 50 to 90 PV modules based on crystalline cells with poly or mono technology. The battery bank is made of 50 elements. This inverter is able to warranty the supply of a 2,5kW load for up to 24hrs

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PowerBOX miniPowerBOX-XL is the big size of this stand alone inverter. Is designed for heavy home appliances as well as small companies with a total capacity of 80kWh/day. It requires 70 to 120 PV modules based on crystalline cells with poly or mono technology. The battery bank is made of 66 elements. This inverter is able to warranty the supply of a 3,3kW load for up to 24hrs

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PowerBOX miniPowerBOX-20 is the maximum size of this stand alone inverter. Is designed for heavy loads of small companies with a total capacity of 160kWh/day. It requires 150 to 240 PV modules based on crystalline cells with poly or mono technology. The battery bank is made of 2x70 elements. This inverter is able to warranty the supply of a 6,7kW load for up to 24hrs

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This is new generation gasification plant fueled by solid biomass developed by CESY – Clean Energy Systems using only national technologies and components. Plant sizes : 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 kW. Main advantages against conventional systems: High Performance, Syngas Exceptional purity, 7.500 hours/yearly of minimum guaranteed operation, Remote-Care Maintenance Service, Fast network entry, Maximum Safety, Easy Management, Compact Plant, Special training and update courses, Short Deelivery time, Credit Assistance. 

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On-Demand Solutions

    Power Engineering developed this product range to satisfy the automation needs and the remote telemetrics needs of today customers. SmartMETERS are remore metering devices built to measure and report the consumption of the stndard utilities such as Electricity, Natural GAS, Water. In addition the Electricity meter platform has been customized to the additional needs of renewable energy market: SmartSUN and SmartWIND are the complete metering and monitoring solutions for Photovoltaic fields and Wind turbine installations. All meters are built around SmartPLC platform. The SmartNODE is connected with our Data Collection Centre using a TCP/IP connection that could be obtained using any existing broadband internet connection, including cable and WiFi connection. Alternatively the node can be connected using a WiFi router over GPRS service (whereas available) or dedicated Satellite connection where no connecton is available at destination site. Each device and its companion web interface is customized to fit the needs of the specific metering segment. SmartCLIMA is designed to monitor and automate Air Conditioning and Heating appliances, SmartWEATHER is designed to monitor meteorological parameters such as temperature, humidity, rain, wind, sunlight, athmospheric pressure for Greenhouses, Agriculture and in general places that are sesitive to weather condition, SmartLEVEL allow to perform hydrometry in a complete set of probes including: water level, flow rate, temperature, pH, dissolved Oxygen, this one is used to control and monitor Lakes, Rivers and any place at flooding risk. SmartSAFETY is the solution for Access control and remote safety management, useful to remotely control accesses and security sensitive places or installations. SmartCARE allow the remote reading of several biometric parameters interfacing a SmartNODE with proper device: glucose, oxymetry, weight, heartbeat, and so on. SmartM2M is the solution for Machine to Machine interfacing, ths is designed to drive directly existing hardware at both digital and analog level: examples of applications include interfacing Vending Machines, Totems, Ticket Machines, and pubblic point of sales. Finally SmartHEALTH is the solution to monitor the pollution parameters of soil, water and air: telemetry is performed on several different probes able to cover most of today needs in term of pollution monitoring.

  • SmartMETERS
  • SmartCLIMA
  • SmartWEATHER
  • SmartLEVEL
  • SmartSAFETY
  • SmartCARE
  • SmartM2M
  • SmartHEALTH
  • SmartBIOGAS
  • SmartLIFT

SmartMETERSSmart Meters are built around the same architecture that is shared among all devices. The only difference among the solutions is in the AFE (Analog-Front-End) that is designed to accomodate the physical measurement: SmartPOWER is able to read Electrical consumption of any Electrical Installation (both single-phase and 3-phases). SmartPOWER is equipped with a sepate Metering unit made with Voltage Transformers (VT) and Currrent Transformers (CT). Split Core Current TransformersCurrent Transformers could be inductive (easy to setup, no need to cut any wire as the current flow is measured inductively on the cable with a special split-core-current transformer probe) or resistive (more accurate for applications where the accuracy must stay within strict limits, an electricans is needed to install it). 

An IEC1107 Compliant MeterIn addition SmartPOWER is equipped with a pulse input that is able to read directly the light pulses of any IEC1107 compliant meter optical outlet.  SmartSUN works exactly with the same scheme of SmartPOWER but is able to measure the energy produced by the PV-Plant, in addition SmartSUN is able to track the income from energy sales to the grid, the weather status, and the PV-plant efficiency. Whenever the energy produced by the PV-Plant is not aligned with expectation she system is able to send alerts using the Remote Control Centre via SMS or e-mail. Last but not least SmartSUN is able to increase the efficiency of the PV-field by switching the PV-field wiring upon climatic and light conditions. SmartWIND works exactly with the same features of SmartSUN, obviously here the biggest part of the relevant informations comes from the Wind forecasts. SmartGAS and SmartWATER are made to measure the consumption of Natural GAS and City Water by interfacing the provider meter using a dedicated optical head that is able to carry on the delicate measurement on the mechanical meter dials. All SmartMETERS comes with a very intuitive and easy to read Web interface where the visitor can find a lot of useful information from the operation to the deep technical stuff about the metering and data collection operations. For additional informations you can download datasheets of each device by selecting the links below.

SmartCLIMASmartCLIMA is a special application of SmartPLC that enables the comfort in climatic control for residential building and medium to big company offices. The device operation is very simple: one ore several SmartNODES are connected to Remote Control Centre via TCP/IP. The Node monitors continuously the temperature and humidity along with meteo info for the taget place. Upon those data the Remote Control Centre prepare an evaluation of the energy needs to put the evironment in comfortable conditions. All the operation could be controlled via web, consumptions and performance with historical data track recording are stored in the remote database and accessible to the end user via Web interface with minimum efforts. SmartCLIMA is able to control remotely the switching of several devices including fans, de-humidifiers, heating systems and air-conditioning equiments. The operation of SmartCLIMA is able to reduce greatly the costs of climatization for offices and residential buildings. Also maintenance takes great benefits as the remote management and status equiry can be operated also by maintenance company.

Download SmartCLIMA Product Information (Under Development)

SmartWEATHERSmartWEATHER is a WEB managed Meteo Datalogger with advanced I/O capabilities. SmartWEATHER is able to track and record metereologiacal parameters such as: air temperature, soil temperature, water temperature, wind speed, wind direction, rain, athmospheric pressure, air-humidity, soil-humidity, fog. All data are acquired using highly reliable probes coming from professional grade meteo-station experience. Data are stored in remote database for further user interface and downloads. This kind of stations are useful in agriculture, ancient remains preservation, touristic places, greenhouses. In fact data collected can be used to activate automatically several outputs the device is equipped with to react to a sudden change in climatic condition. For istance it's possible to open/close remotely and automatically the air exchange window in a greenhouse as answer to increased temperature detected inside the structure and presenve the agriculture. Furthermore it's possible to automate other appliances in combination with metereological parameter changes. Everything can be controlled via Web interface. The station is able to send alerts and notifications via email or SMS upon customer needs.

Download SmartWEATHER Product Information (Under Development)


SmartLEVEL is a unique platform for Hydrometry. The solution is made up of the following components: one or many SmartNODES connected with probes. Probes include: flow-meters, rain meters, wind speed and direction meters, immersed temerature probes at different depth, pH probes, level probes. Level probes are crucial for this application, in fact we use sonar principle to measure the distance from the station unit to the top of the liquid surface to control. Having assumed to know the original depth of the water at the measurement point we are able to measure with great accuracy the level of the liquid below the probe. As the probe has no moving parts and is completely sealed the harware is able to stand even the worse weather conditions. Data coming from the station are cross linked with meteo data in order to foresee potential risks coming from flooding and excess of rain. In reaction of those events it's possible to open or close the water gateway to control the level of lakes, river, and water channel thus avoiding dangerous situations. All data, alert level, automation are completely controlled via web interface. This application comes already integrated with Web-GIS data for the best perfomance in geolocalization of the remote station and its surroundings.

Download SmartLEVEL Product Information

SmartSAFETY SmartSAFETY is designed to operate in conjunction with (ACS) access control systems to allow remote access management to safety sensitive plants. The SmartNODE is able to interface exisitng hardware allowing to enable and disable on the fly users or groups of users without the need to stay on the target place. Obviously all the opening and closing are tracked in our database allowing historical data verification even by remote. Statistics for global site and for single user are possible at any time using the web interface. SmartSAFETY in able to interface almost any existing device operating in both analog and digital mode (using CANBUS, MODBUS, RS485, RS232, I2C, SPI protocols). In addition to the access control services it's possible to monitor doors, windows, corridors using microwave sensors, IR sensors and PIR sensors. Alerts via SMS and email are customizable to include security agency and local police department.

Download SmartSAFETY Product Information (Currently Under Development)

SmartCARESmartCARE enable telemedicine with few easy steps. A SmartNODE is connected to an AFE (Analog Fron End) that is able to monitor signals coming from a variety of sensors: blood pressure, heart-beat, oxymery, glucose, weight. The measuerment can be done upon request of the Remote Control Centre or upon scheduled intervals.
Data re collected on our central database and are made accessible to end user as well to his designed medical doctor for consultancy. It's possible to monitor the status of critical patients living in small town or in the need to get monitored upon regular basis.
This solution is interesting also to monitor ederly patient living at their home without the need to have a doctor on site. The user-friendly web interface enable everybody to read his own data with no efforts and receive medical assitance in real-time.

Download SmartCARE Product Information (Currently Under Development)

SmartM2M In SmartM2M a SmartNODE is connected directly to another machine having its own CPU. Interfacing is done via I/O ports or serial ports hence there's virtually no limit to the kind of machine that could be interfaced assuming the end user owns the communication protocol with them. This solution is deeply customized upon customer needs and situation as it's impossible to foresee the kind of machine the customer is going to interface. However a typical and useful case is to have the device installed on one or more remote vending machines. Those machine usually require maintenance and refilling and it's necessary to poll them almost every day going on site. Vending machines are installed usually in offices, public places, schools, libraries, hospitals, offices where internet connection is not an issue, hence connection with Remote Control Centre is done quickly, easily and with no further costs. With this device it's possible to monitor also ticket machines, kiosks, and public info totem without the need to visit the device to understand their status.

Download SmartM2M Product Informations (Currently Under Development)

SmartHEALTHSmartHEALTH allow accurate monitoring of several environmental parameters. The system is designed to provide remote measurement of air-quality, pollution in water and air, detection of Inonizing radiations, presence of toxic and non-toxic elements. 
The quantity and type of paramenters depends on the analytical probes supplied with the device. In general this unit is useful to monitor Air-Quality in workstations or in open air, the probes are able to detect NOx, SOx, Oxygen, Carbon monoxyde and dioxide. Furthermore it's possible to detect the presente of Methane, Alchools, Ethylene, and other Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. We have a huge sets of probes to accomodate also measurements in water and in discharge channels enabling the real-time monitoring and alert of presence of dangerous substances in industrial waste. Obviously all data are tracked and recorded fur future occurrence in our Remote Control Centre. All data are accessible using the web interface as usual.

Download SmartHEALTH Product Information (Currently Under Development)
SmartHEALTHSmartHEALTH allow accurate monitoring of several environmental parameters. The system is designed to provide remote measurement of air-qualitypollution in water and air, detection of Inonizing radiations, presence of toxic and non-toxic elements. 
The quantity and type of paramenters depends on the analytical probes supplied with the device. In general this unit is useful to monitor Air-Quality in workstations or in open air, the probes are able to detect NOxSOxOxygenCarbon monoxyde and dioxide. Furthermore it's possible to detect the presente of MethaneAlchoolsEthylene, and other Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. We have a huge sets of probes to accomodate also measurements in water and in discharge channels enabling the real-time monitoring and alert of presence of dangerous substances in industrial waste. Obviously all data are tracked and recorded fur future occurrence in our Remote Control Centre. All data are accessible using the web interface as usual.

PV-SAFE is an innovative product designed to solve the problem of fire events in Photovoltaic installations. In fact all Photovoltaic fields represent a potential danger for electric shock and fire accident as the electrical energy produced cannot be intrrupted, furthermore as the voltage is not referred to any ground, there's no possibility to protect thew user with a breaker. We must consider that even just 10 modules connected in series are able to develop well above 300V in DC! Imagine that usually the PV installations are made with 15 to 24 modules! If the user get close to the PV-Field during the day, is exposed to the risk of lethal voltages and currents. In case of fire it's impossible to use water as in a normal fire event, as the water would bring electricity to the firemans. Even in case of structure collapse (for istance in case of earthquake) the risk is very high. PV-SAFE solve this problem in a very clever way. The principle is very simple: each module is connected to a switch box that lets the module to stay connected with the others only when safe contitions are fullfilled. PV-SAFE ConnectionBy default the box is open, so even connecting several modules in series will not cause any voltage rise up. The switching boxes receive the enable command through the same wires they use to bring electricity out. A central unit decide when is safe to power the field. User is able to put on safety the plant at any time by pressing a simple button. In case of fire or accidents, the lack of mains electricity will cause the plat to shutdown immediately with maximum safety. Also installation is made with maximum protection using modules equipped with PV-Safe device as during the installation no module will be electrically connected withe the others. PV-Safe is available in two configurations: the JBOX version is intended for module manufacturer who wants to produce safe module by adopting our solution (that works also as a standard JunctionBox), the Flying version is made for exisitng modules, it's connected in series using the PV pairs connectors and operate as the device wass mounted on the module itself.

Download PV-SAFE Product Brochure

Integrated Solutions

Integrated SolutionsIntegrated Solutions are complete packages intended for the SmartCITY appliances. The package include the platoform, the installation, the maintenance, the customization and the development of the web user interface. Most of those packages uses SmartPLC technology to implement the specific function. Accurate selection of the tracking technology as well as the development of the communication protocol ensure the maximum level of service over years. All products/services are trackable via web by the end user.

Our Integrated Solutions for Public Utilities are divided into dedicated packages:

WAMASWAMAS is a complete system designed for Water Management. WAMAS allow real-time monitoring of facilities subject to verification. Monitoring is performed on a variety of devices including SmartPhones, Tablets, Notebook and PC. WAMAS eneble easily the tracking and monitoring with real-time alerts and scheduling. In addition it's possible to send commands to remote units thanks to the bi-directional nature of the protocol used.

GENIUSGENIUS is an expert system that uses WEB-Gis technolgy to allo accurate planning and traking of waste in metropolitan areas. Compared to traditional localization and control systems of solidifying trucks GENIUS, in addition to its several and innovative functions, has a device capable of collecting and transmitting sensors ultra sound data Trash Sensor, placed inside garbage bins, whose function  is the measurement of deposited waste.

DOMORESDOMORES is a complete system dedicated to building automation. DOMORES realizes the integration of all technological plants, control and safety protections, alarm devices etc., present in buildings thus monitoring and controlling via user’s interface which transmit and receive information from the control system.

GESEAGESEA is an intelligent platform of integrated services developed for hospital, old people’s home, outpatients’ departments, halfway houses, places of assisted residence etc. GESEA is able to provide integrated solutions for healthcare facilities (lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, alarm and safety systems, etc.) through devices provided to the patients (bedside terminal connected in external video-communication, video-call with nurses, digital case history display, etc.).


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