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About Us


MySmart-Cities domain was born around an idea of Power Engineering board: surprisigly they observed that the innovation, automation and communication demand from real-life world were already aligned with the basics of SmartCities principle, so they decided to introduce their product not any more as simple products but as a service for the public domain where the hardware and the infrastructure works as a commodity for the investors. The aim of this domain is to attract as many people as possible to receive feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas about about now to introduce new technologies and make easy the existing ones.

Company Background

Power Engineering srlPower Engineering ltd is an Engineering Service Company located in Italy. Born immadiately after an era when, for many companies everyday challenge was to keep growing, Power Engineering challenge is to satisfy the customer needs in the best way. The company goal is to excel in customer satisfaction, not only in terms of quality (thas is nowadays taken for granted) but also in terms of innovation, competence and fast time to market. Power Engineering team has the benefit to have in its roots several key competences for today business gained over years of work side to side with relevant EU groups: Renewable Energies, Electronic Design, Power Generation, Software Development, Web Development, Product Development. All those competence are today merged in order to achieve the best pratice in SmartCITY applications and products. For more information: http://www.PowerEngineeringSrl.com

Power Solutions Italia srlBoth shareholders and staff competences (especially in Renewable Energy and Power Generation) are maintained side by side with Power Solutions ltd, this company is specialized in Renewable Energies since several years with an active volume of more than 450MW of power plant designed, installed and in little part owned. Power Solutions acts not only as an EPC in Photovoltaics, Wind, Green Fuel but also as ESCO granting an important support in today and tomorrow SmartCities applications.

For more information: http://www.PowerSolutionsItalia.it/

SmartPLCMost of PowerEngineering SmartCITY applications are made possible thanks the SmartPLC architecture. SmartPLC has been designed from stratch by Power Engineering designers involving them completely in the following activities:
  • Hardware Design
  • Electronic and RF Design
  • Firmware Development
  • Communication Protocol Development
  • Database Development
  • Web Interface Development
The result is an architecture that is completely owned and controlled by our staff, making possible to offer a highly relieable and professional service at an affordable price for the end user. Most of our SmartCity applications were built using this architecture and platform.
For more information: http://www.SmartPLC.it

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