Our SmartCITY Vision



Smart MOBILITY is one of the most valuable segment of Smart Cities strategy. The goal is to offer citizens and companies a fully optimized management in transportation of goods and people by using the latest technologies in Electronics and specifically in ICT. Power Engineering, strong of a deep experence in GPS and remode data mining develops integrated solutions track vehicles, goods and people routing them in the most efficient way. All our integrated solutions uses web platform to allow any user or government agency to monitor traffic jams, people presence, vehicle speed allowing an early prediction of potentially dangerous situations. In addition our integrated platforms are able to interact with vehicle drivers in order to route them on alternative paths reducing risks and consequences.

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SmartLIVING segment is one of the best test bench for our SmartPLC platform. Thanks to the integration of Sensor and Electronics into a unique highly integrated hardware we're able to cover all Building Automation and Domotics needs:


  • Light Management: the system is able to control the light duty cycle and the status of each sigle light source,
  • Intrusion detection: using wireless communication over private and encrypted channels our platform is able to manage doors and windows opening and status,
  • Climatic control: obvioulsy the I/O channel of our SmartPLC device is able to drive heavy electrical loads such as: air-conditioners, warming units, de-humidifiers, fans and so on,
  • Security control: the system is able to integrate IP cameras to control with minimum efforts and hardware implementation, main doors, corridors, public places, entry points and so on,
  • Connectivity: due to the presence of the Wireless communication it's possible to take the benefits of extended connectivity in the entire building, allowing, for istance, further Machine To Machine (M2M) communication and future expansions.

Our platform is completely managed by web interface. The user terminal could be: smartphone, tablet, notebook, or PC. Just the internet connection (even at slow speed) is required to obtain the minimum quality of service.

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Power Engineering developed an innovative platform for pollution monitoring and alert. The platform, built around the well tested SmartPLC architecture allow direct measurement of contaminants and particle thanks to innovative LoC (Lab on Chip) sensors. As in all our platform the remore node is monitors continuously the value of the critical parameters selected by the customer, recrd them and share the value with the Service Control Center where a powerful database server store the records safely for future processing and statistics. The alters are provided in real time, the platform is able to alert the citizens, activate loads preset by the user, send alert messages via SMS or email. The device is controlled and managed via web interface using any internet enabled platform. Whenever the location is unable to provide even a low speed connection, we're able to install a Satellite connection router enabling almost everyplace in the world to stay on line.
Our sensors are able to monitor:

  • Water,
  • Air,
  • Inonizing Radiation,
  • Noise,
All probes are supplied already calibrated, the perdiodical maintenance of the probes is carried out by our company as the devices are supplied in budle with our web services.


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Smart Governance



What’s it take to be a smart city? Is it smart transportation, such as sensors in parking spaces that call out to drivers? Or parking meters sending SMS messages to alert those parked that their time is up? Is it smart buildings that turn the lights on when you enter or off when you leave? Is it smart waste management? Is it smart energy grids? Is it smart water systems? It's above all a smart administration? All of these help make city services and operations more efficient. But the real key to being smart is to have an overall management system that allows leaders to coordinate across these smart systems, capturing and sharing the data generated and using it to inform new policies and city programs. Smart cities require good – "smart” – governance and the processes and tools that enable it.
Increasingly, city leaders are adopting enterprise management practices – and technologies – in order to improve city governance. Smart city leaders:

  • Match budgeted spending with performance objectives.
  • Adopt enterprise apps such as EAM, ERP, and CRM in shared or cloud models.
  • Appoint professional operational and IT management to coordinate.
  • Implement regular process and performance reviews – and supporting technologies.
  • Establish integrated reporting for greater transparency.

Power Engineering is able to provide all the tools and services to help the Governance became Smarter


There's no SmartCITY without SmartPEOPLE. But in order to have Smart PEOPLE, technology and infrastructure must operate to let citizens are happy to use them. In other words the technology and infrastructure must be user-friendly. If the technology is well designed and operates at its best, even if the infrastructure is distributed and optimized, all those efforts are void if users (citizens) are not willing to use them as they are scared, or not familiar with the new technologies.
SmartPEOPLE is above all a matter of concept, citizens must change their way of think about energy, waste management, traffic, and so on; without that it's impossible to have a SmartCITY, however only with that for sure we'll not have a SmartCITY. Technology must be accessible, cheap and easy, in other words must be well designed.
For the reasons above, Power Engineering put noticeable efforts in building products and services that are optimized to be operated by everyone, no matter about the background culture of the users. Great part of the efforts and times in R&D is dedicated to align the user interface of our products to the customer experience and gain immediately his/her approval. This process never ends and our interfaces (hardware or software or web) are continuously redesigned and optimized to match the expectations of the most demanding users as well as the most unprepared ones. Redesigning the interfaces is part of the maintenance of our product lifecycle.

Smart Economy


A smart economy skates to where the puck is going. It turns old-industry blue-collar jobs into new-industry green-collar jobs. It focuses on value-added production and generates green products that will be in demand in tomorrow’s markets. A smart economy is efficient. It relies on non-polluting systems and energy sources. It ends waste. It reuses and recycles. Through closed-loop systems it is massively more efficient. That efficiency will bring greater competitiveness and prosperity to the entire world economy. A smart economy is not based on hype. It is real people building real things. A smart economy lives within its means.

  • Green Jobs: Create thousands of jobs through investment in renewable energy, expanding passenger rail and modernizing freight, retrofitting thousands of buildings to high standards for energy efficiency
  • Cut wasteful subsidies: End the failed strategy of throwing good money after bad in corporate bail-outs for big business, and subsidies to nuclear and fossil fuels.
  • Get the prices right: Get the prices right for long-term sustainability. Avoid structural deficits. Implement a revenue-neutral carbon pricing architecture to modernize our economy.

Power Engineering operates in the strategic deals above to reach a really sustainable business.

Our SmartCITY Vision

SmartCITY products and services are built upon the customer specifications. In this special segment the Customer is the Citizen. We strictly follow a segmented design procedure that starts from the probem analysys and the product/service specification. Our R&D team always find a solution that is up-to-date and efficient over time. Design activity is performed giving the right space to recycle of materials and time spent on projects that are very close to the current one. Development is performed using actual technologies and tools. Web code development plays a key role in our development activity. Our web interfaces are always designed to reduce at minimum the complexity and improve the end-user experience. Testing is performed in two stages: inside our structure and (if necessary) side by side with our customers in order to maximize this delicate activity ans ensure the maximum level of satisfaction to our customers. 



SmartPLC is a Power Engineering choice to develop many SmartCITY applications and services. The platoform has been designed to be flexible, powerful and cheap as much as necessary to implement solutions that are affordable to any customer. Power Engineering decided to invest in R&D instead of using a commercial device. The result of this effort is a propertary platform, well known in its potential and limits, designed upon the actual market needs and without all the fees and royalties that a commercial product would have required to pay back. The device is build to stand over years, capable to work even in the most challenging condition, reliable and up-to date. To implement this device our R&D team decided to use CORTEX, the latest generation of ARM processors making possible to join powerful capabilities and verly low power consumption. Nowadays ARM processsors are uses estensively in Automotive, Industry and Aerospace equipments due to their reliability. The core of the system is the SmartNODE, a transceiver device capable to work in Ethernet, WiFi, VHF, GSM/GPRS mode. The Node uses a powerful Sigma-Delta ADC unit that costantly monitor, over several parallel channels, the physical unit to monitor and control. Furthermore the unit is equipped with several I/O ports making possible to switch and sense many external equiments. The units operate natively over TCP/IP stack (with a propertary protocol) and in conveived to operate solely in companion with a Web service. Power Engineering is propertary also of the firmware and protocol of this unit. In other words our device doesn't rely on any external pay-per-use knowledge.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Power Engineering invested on Integrated Services since the beginning of this trend. Integrated Services allow a one-shot marketing action, making possible faster time-to-market and improving considerably the customer satisfaction. With our integrated solution the wardware, the software, the communication infrastructure and the web services became one single package for the end user. Our Company take care about all the integration problems, protocols, different standards, communication latencies, interfacing issue, leaving to the end user only the task to configure the solution upon needs. Our integrated Services spans from Water Control System (WAMAS), to Waste Traking and Control System (GENIUS). We've also invested in emerging segments as Clinic Management (GESEA) and Building Automation (DOMORES). All those packages are conceived to adapt the platform to the different needs of their specific segment. You can easily expand existing systems with our totally Integrated Solutions. Even the integration of machines and external components from different manufacturers is easier than ever before. The main reasons are the consistent use of open, international communication standards, the comprehensive functionality as well as the open interfaces of the software systems. Connection to existing higher-level engineering and control systems can be easily implemented with very little integration outlay.

WEB Development. This activity is crucial for our market. Today we can discover how many language, standards and different variations of them are trying to catch the success on the web development. Power Engineering choice is, again, based on the real needs of this market: cross-functionality with no issue changing from one platform to another, adaptive language that is able to stand over years despite of web evolution, fast end efficient execution to use modern CPUs at their best. At present all our web interfaces are HTML5 compliant, all of them are made with resposnive layout to adapt to any screen size, all of them are tested and validated among the most user browsers and devices. Actually for our web services we selected to use the following stadards PHP, XML, JSON, JAVA, SQL.

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